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About Westover

Westover Farms is Missouri’s premier trout fishing destination for family, group or corporate getaways. Come enjoy some of the Midwest’s finest fly fishing areas and luxury lodging in the beautifully secluded Mark Twain National Forest, just 90 miles outside of St. Louis.


When James Ira Halbert Westover settled in Crawford County in 1854, he instantly fell in love with the cool streams and rolling hills. Fueled by his grand vision for the land’s abundant water resources, Westover cleared the property and built a millhouse. The mill quickly flourished, sustaining neighboring counties with grain, sorghum molasses and wool. At its peak, the mill gave birth to the small town of Westover, which housed a post office, blacksmith shop, general store and grade school.

Over the years, the town faded away, as did the old mill building, which tragically burned down in the early 1980s. Today, we’ve revitalized the property, transforming Westover into one of the top fly fishing areas in the Midwest. Our antique, hand-hewn log and stone homes give tribute to the property’s rich history. Built from the wood of old homes throughout the state, these vintage Missouri houses transport our guests to a simpler way of life while maintaining all of today’s modern conveniences.

"A Hidden Treasure" Lisa & Tom could not be more accomodating and kind. First Class Facilities... Oh yes, the Trout are not bad either!!
Bob Herr