Westover Hatchery

Top Quality Rainbow Trout

Our rainbow trout farm is a Missouri State Certified Disease-Free Hatchery dedicated to providing you with the highest quality live trout at a competitive price. With more than 10 years of experience, our team guarantees the safe delivery of our live, healthy trout across seven states, including Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas and Tennessee.

Whether you’re a restaurant in need of fresh trout, a government agency looking to supply local waterways with catchable fish or a private landowner stocking a pond, our rainbow trout farm offers top quality fish in a variety of sizes. While the typical trout weighs about one pound, we are more than happy to meet your specific size preferences.

Our rainbow trout make a great seasonal asset to any pond carrying warm water species, as they won’t compete for food. When stocking a pond, owners should be aware that trout are dependent upon colder, oxygenated water for their survival, meaning they will thrive fall through spring but won’t survive year round. Our delivery timeframe for ponds typically falls between October and April, and we are happy to deliver trout as often as you require.

Unbeatable Service

Westover Hatchery is not only committed to supplying top quality rainbow trout, but also to ensuring our fish are delivered to a suitable habitat. We will gladly visit your property, free of charge, to assess your pond and make recommendations, including how many fish are appropriate for the size of your pond and what type of food is best for your fishery. While we typically suggest stocking a pond with 100 pounds of fish per acre, there are always other factors to consider, such as depth and water condition.

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Tom & Lisa were so helpful in every way and the fishing is first class.
Shawn & Lucy