Holiday Gift Certificates – December Newsletter

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Westover is beginning to look very festive with wreathes and lights sprinkled throughout the property. Now that the temperatures have dropped, it’s starting to feel like winter. Remember that Westover is open all year long, so if you don’t mind chipping the ice off the tip of your rod, we would love to see you. The water stays a consistent temperature (around 52 degrees) and never freezes. We hope you can make it down over your holiday break.

During the winter months (December – February) we do not enforce the 2 night minimum on the weekends. So, let us know or book on-line the best day of the week that works for you. We have several openings over the next couple of weeks too. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Purchasing the 2018 Frequent Fisherman Membership would be an excellent gift for the special fisher person in your life. It pays for itself in just 6 “day trip” fishing trips to Westover. Members can also enjoy 10% off their overnight stay at Westover. If you would rather purchase a day of fishing or just designate a certain amount of money, you can customize a gift certificate. You can purchase gift certificates on-line or call us at 573-743-6284 and we’ll create a certificate for you. Just let us know, we are glad to help.

Water levels are still low and clear. Light line, 6X or smaller, and nymphs or streamers should work best. Moving around and changing up the patterns has proven to be the most successful.

The fish don’t seem to be hungrier at any certain time of day, so you can really pick and choose what works best for you. We look forward to hearing what works best for you!