2023 Spring at Westover

What’s New at Westover Farms?

We hope the beginning of 2023 has been treating you and your family well.  We have been staying busy and have been taking a lot of reservations for 2023.  We are looking forward to our new fishing classes this year and the completion of the Spring House.   We will keep you posted on any other upcoming events.  We hope to see you and your friends soon!

Spring House Coming Soon

We are super excited for the completion of the Spring House.  This house will be unique in that it can be a 1 bedroom or up to a 7 bedroom house.  This is because the 1 bedroom Spring House is connected to the 6 bedroom Branch.  You will just need to let us know how many bedrooms you will need and we will make the reservation for you. 

Fly Fishing 101

In just one day beginners will learn about casting a fly rod, trout feeding behaviors, stream entomology, fly selection, reading the waters and, of course, how to catch fish. You’ll also tackle the basics of equipment selection, knot tying, river structure, how to choose the right fly and how to reel in trout with nymphs, wet flies, and streamers.   For more information or to sign up for a class please click here or call us at 573-743-6284. 

Fly Tying 101

Fly-Tying 101 is going to follow the Fly Fishing 101 classes.  Each month there will be a Fly Fishing 101 class on a Saturday, and then the next day, Sunday, there will be a Fly Tying 101 class.  This fly tying class will go over entomology, and how to present flies properly to the trout.  During this course we will start by sampling aquatic insects, discussing their lifecycle, and observing the way they appear to trout. Next you will learn to tie three different common styles of fly to match what we sampled. Finally, we will head to the stream and fish each of the three styles of flies, presenting each fly in a way that appears most naturally to fish.

The fly-tying class will begin at 8am on Sunday morning and will conclude by 2pm Sunday afternoon.  Lunch will also be provided during this class.   

Happy Birthday

Fish for FREE on your birthday!  Just let us know your birthdate and we will send you an email to fish for free for 1 day during the month of your birthday.  We look forward to seeing you and want to wish you a Happy Birthday!